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Dec 27, 2018

De Facto Q4 2018 report

Q4 2018 was very productive — we have committed a lot of works to the Protocol and its promotion, and we are pleased to finalize all our results in this report.

Also this was the first quarter when De Facto operated receiving ANO income. Our authority nodes were promoted on October, 13.


1. Factom Robot — Telegram Bot for factomizing intellectual property
Factom Robot stores immutable proof-of-possession records into its public chain on the Factom blockchain. The tool is the easiest way to create proof-of-possession for intellectual property — all the owner needs to do is send the file to the @FactomRobot on Telegram messenger, and it manages everything. Also we provide a personal account area on, where user can manage own files and share possession proofs.
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2. Factom Open Node (grant project)
De Facto with other Factom Operators received a grant to run Factom Open Node — a world-wide, load-balanced, factomd node pool. De Facto’s pledges in this project: development of integration with Cloudflare API, stalls & timeouts monitoring solution, status website development, setup of cloud load balancer & firewall.
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3. Factom Name System & decentralized websites (draft project)
Factom Name System (FNS) — decentralised name service for Factom blockchain items. Decentralised websites (FactomNet) is Factom-based protocol that allows to publish & host HTML pages on the Factom blockchain. De Facto provided a draft specification and will be working on more formal specification & development.


1. Corporate website updated
De Facto launches the new version of the corporate website.
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2. Participation in Factom ANO AMA
We have participated in Factom ANO AMA on Reddit.

3. Anton Ilzheev of De Facto joined Marketing Committee
De Facto’s founder joined Marketing Committee.


1. Integration for the first client on the final stage
We are finishing the Factom integration development for our first client and going to onboard it on Q1 2019.

2. Factom Enterprise API (BETA)
Our clients will be onboarded via our high-level Enterprise API, that allows to easily interact with the Factom blockchain. Factom Enterprise API is a simple RESTful API that allows you to code in the language you know. No crypto tokens & nodes needed — get an API access key and use our endpoints to write/read data on the Factom blockchain. We designed the Enterprise API user-friendly with minimizing calls to factomd. Right now it’s on BETA stage and available for testing for everyone. The launch is planned on January 2019, the pricing also will be available after official launch. We will provide a special discounts for resellers & other Factom Operators.
Feel free to join beta-testing right now and get 30% discount on all plans!
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1. Suggestion of improvements for future grant rounds
We analyzed the process of the second grant round and suggested to community few improvements that may be implemented to make future grant rounds better.

Current business & future plans

  1. In the Q1 2019 we are going to finish our current tasks — to launch the Enterprise API and onboard our first (and maybe second) client on the mainnet.
  2. Additionally, we have started the development of Factom Russian Community website and preparing the content for it.
  3. Our main aim for 2019 — onboard more clients on the Factom mainnet, so our earnings received from the clients will be the same or even higher than current ANO income.