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Oct 2, 2018

De Facto Q3 2018 report

De Facto was elected as Factom Operator on August 27, 2018.

Besides Authority Nodes maintainence we pledged development, marketing & integration works for the Protocol.

Node maintaince

1. Authority nodes in Russia deployed
We setup Authority & Backup Factom nodes located in Russia. It’s not promoted yet — we’re awaiting onboarding within 1 week. All nodes are located in different zones (cities) of the hosting provider & created with OpenStack technology that allows us to easily scale resources for each server.

2. De Facto Monitoring bot
We developed De Facto Bot. It monitors our servers and instantly notifies us about stalls & timeouts — so our team is able to quickly respond to incidents.


1. Entry Credit Stores launched
We developed and launched 2 Factom EC Stores — in USD and RUB.
Press release →


1. Agreement with Russian developer of commercial realty
We settled the agreement with Russian developer of commercial realty about integrating Factom into business processes of it’s shopping mall. The development is in active stage right now, we are going to onboard this client on mainnet in Q4 2018.

2. Negotiations with new companies
We had meetings with companies working in different industries and discussed possible use of Factom in this industries (e-commerce, mutual fund, e-receipts, medicine). Stay tuned for our future announcements.


1. Guide «How to setup Factom follower node & secure it with SSL & RPC auth»
We wrote the detailed instruction about deploying Factom follower node and securing it.
It’s available in our Medium blog.