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Jul 4, 2019

De Facto Q2 2019 report

This report includes activities from Apr 1 till June 30, 2019.


1. First version of Factom Open API released

We are proud to release Factom Open API — lightweight REST API for the Factom blockchain. It connects to an existing factomd node and has a built-in Factom wallet that will handle signing data before writing it to the Factom blockchain.
Factom Open API (GitHub) →
Press release →

2. (Factom Testnet Monitoring) upgraded to v2

About 1 year ago we lauched Factom Testnet Monitoring. In this quarter we have made huge refactoring and completely rewrite monitoring. Now it works 3x faster: nodes heights & diagnostics info are being updated every 40-60 seconds, additional data collected. We also implemented UI improvements and developed Debug API console, available for Testnet Administrators.
Press release →

3. Factom Open Node Enhancement

We continue working on Factom Open Node Enhancement with Bedrock Solutions. This work contains 3 parts: factomd API improvement, factomd proxy improvement, decentralized monitoring software development.
Latest grant update on Factomize →

4. LoggerHead

The production-ready LoggerHead version is ready by 50%, but we had to prioritize new development opportunity (see Integrations/p.1 below in this report) over LoggerHead release. We are going to come back to LoggerHead in the short time and release it.


1. Factom usage demo for Gov project

We have received RFP for blockchain integration into Gov entity’s software. We have started the development of the demo app, that shows advantages of Factom data structures (chains and identities) over other blockchains. We can not share any more details until RFP submission stage has finished for obvious reasons.

Business development

1. Working on BaaS platform

We have started working on De Facto BaaS platform. Works will be finished in this July and we will start advertising it in Russia after launch.

2. Sales partner

We started working with sales management team in Russia. They have a lot of connections in different industries and are ready to bring new clients/partners to Factom.

3. Factom discussed with several organizations

Besides selling BaaS, we are looking for an industry on which we may focus to develop end-solution (with Factom integrated) and then scale this product across industry. We continue exploring different industries and talk to people. We have pitched Factom to telecommunication company & state university.

4. Additional incorporation

We are exploring additional incorporation options to work with companies outside Russia. We have consulted with law firms about incorporation in Malta, Hong Kong, UAE. We don’t have a final decision right now due to regulatory/banking uncertainty about crypto, but Hong Kong looks as the best option among all above.

Core development

1. We convinced an experienced developer with 10+ years of experience to join Factom

We are going to onboard him as a core developer from September using grant. Michael has started to explore Factom lib & factomd core code in advance before being onboarded.


1. Leaded Factom Protocol Blog Development

As part of Website Committee, De Facto leaded Factom Protocol Blog development. We explored different publishing platform and decided to use Ghost — a modern Medium-style publishing engine. We prepared a web-server, setup Ghost and tuned design. All development costs were internalized by De Facto using ANO income.

2. Participation in AMA

De Facto participated in the latest Factom ANO AMA.


1. First Asia-based factomd node added to Open Node pool

We have pledged factomd node located in Singapore into Open Node pool. Additional node in the Asia region will increase stability and bandwidth of Open Node – as well as decrease latency for asian users/servers.


De Facto participated in several governance discussions and voted in all (or almost all) polls.