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Apr 30, 2019

De Facto Q1 2019 report

A little late we are publishing our Q1 2019 report.
This report includes activities from Jan 1 till Mar 31, 2019.


1. Factom® Enterprise API public launch
Factom® Enterprise API is a commercial enterprise solution, available as subscription, that allows to easily interact with the Factom blockchain using REST endpoints. Our clients, that utilize Factom blockchain, are onboarded via Factom® Enterprise API. One client is already onboarded and we are working on onboarding more clients this year.
Press release →

2. First client onboarded (150-300K txs annually)

Our first customer uses Factom to store immutable logs of own servers (data servers & surveillance system servers). Factom® Enterprise API, provided by De Facto, is used for writing and validating entries into multiple chains on the Factom blockchain.
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1. LoggerHead — Immutable security logs for Linux-based servers & NAS
We introduced the LoggerHead — an open-source solution, that being developed by De Facto with our ANO income. LoggerHead encrypts and secures logs of any Linux server or NAS with the Factom blockchain.

The private beta version of LoggerHead is ready and used by our client. The public open-source version use Factom Open API as a gateway for Factom blockchain.

LoggerHead will be launched in May–June 2019 (as we pledged during Open API grant campaign).
Project introduction on Reddit →
Technical specification on Factomize →

Grants activities

In the Grant Round #1 of 2019 De Facto applied for some development and infrastructure grants.

1. Factom Open API

Factom Open API is a lightweight REST API for the Factom blockchain. It connects to an existing factomd node and has a built-in Factom wallet that will handle signing data before writing it to the Factom blockchain. Open API with advanced high-level functions will lower barrier to entry for traditional (non-blockchain) developers & developer companies and bring new developers, clients and users to the Factom Protocol.
Grant update thread on Factomize →

2. Open Node Enhancement

Factom Open Node is a free, load-balanced factomd endpoint. De Facto & Bedrock solutions continue working on improving factomd API & Factom Open Node system (including rate limiting & monitoring systems).
Grant update thread on Factomize →

3. Open Node maintainance

An alliance of 4 ANOs, including De Facto, continue to maintain Open Node systems, providing a stable robust factomd endpoint for developers, Factom Open API servers, Factom Enterprise wallet, MyFactomWallet and many other projects/services/software.


1. Pitched Factom in Russian Innovation Center Skolkovo

In February we presented Factom protocol and discuss it with experts in Skolkovo. Our aim is to start utilizing Factom Blockchain in the Russian Gov and commercial products advocating for it’s usage via Skolkovo. Skolkovo agreed on unique advantages of the Factom Protocol and they ready to work with us, when we become bigger and will have some enterprise clients onboarded. We will continue working to get into Skolkovo as a Partner.

2. Visited legal-tech workshop in Samara, Russia

We visited workshop organized by the founder of the largest Russian legal-tech company and discussed advantages of using blockchain in the legal-tech.

Core development

During the research of factomd API we found and reported some bugs into Factom lib & factomd:


The grant tracking system and it’s design were suggested by De Facto during discussion with ANOs in February. Factomize supported this idea & Grant Tracking subforum was created.