De Facto Blog

May 20, 2019

New version of Factom Testnet Monitoring released

Moscow, Russia, Monday 20th May 2019 — De Facto launches the new version of the Factom Testnet Monitoring.

Testnet Monitoring is a free service for Factom community to monitor Factom Testnet Nodes & collect diagnostics information. open_in_new

Release notes:

  • Moved from control panel parsing (8090 port) to factomd API parsing (8088 port)
  • Continuous parsing — nodes heights & diagnostics info are being updated every 40-60 seconds
  • Additional data collected — current-minute, leaders/audits list
  • Debug API console — send debug API requests to any online testnet node via GUI
  • UI improvements: table sorting (by node name, role, height, hardware params and etc.), geolocations, copy info by click (identity chainIDs, auth set)