Our mission

De Facto is Factom Authority Node Operator.
We provide BaaS solutions to clients around the world.


Provide secured and reliable infrastructure for Factom blockchain

What is Factom?


Create online services and software on the Factom network

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Flawlessly integrate Factom into existing business processes of B2B clients

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Grow Russian community and spread the technology among local companies

Factom.ru (soon)


What is Factom?

Factom is a distributed ledger technology (DLT) that uses public blockchain to keep the data records. The Factom blockchain is decentralized & anchored to Bitcoin.



Our team has 10 years of experience in software & web-development.
Since 2018 we focused on providing blockchain solutions for enterprise clients.

Factom blockchain is used in many industries

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on the Factom network

At De Facto we build commercial and open-source apps and services. Our products used by enterprises & individuals around the world. We also integrate Factom technology into business processes of various companies.

Telegram bot

Factom Robot

Blockchain proof-of-ownership & existence tool for intellectual property: texts, images, music, videos and whatever else.

The ownership proof may be shared by a special link or you can download PDF certificate with blockchain proof.

FactomRobot.com  open_in_new

Store immutable ownership records on the Factom blockchain. No coding — just send your files to Factom Robot on Telegram.

Online store

Entry Credit Store

Entry Credits used for making entries on the Factom blockchain. EC can be converted from cryptocurrencies or may be purchased directly in EC Store.

ec.de-facto.pro (usd)  open_in_new
ec.factom.ru (rub)  open_in_new

Buy Entry Credits directly for USD or RUB in our EC Stores. In this case enterprises does not need to touch crypto.

Monitoring tool

Factom Testnet Monitoring

Free service for Factom community to monitor Factom Testnet Nodes and notify nodes owners about issues: nodes timeouts, networks stalls.

fct.tools  open_in_new

Service also stores all incident logs on the Factom blockchain.


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